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Our Process

At Purk Advisors, we value the individual needs of all of our clients and work with them in an extensive and consistent process to help them achieve their financial goals.

We Listen

In our first meeting, we employ active listening and act as a sounding board to confidentially discuss your goals and needs to see if there is alignment in our values. We will not discuss products or solutions at this point since we have not determined if there is a fit between the organization and client.

We Gather

In this process, we gather and examine as much information as we can to confirm the client’s reality and shed light on areas the client may not fully understand but are integral to the planning the firm is performing. Investment statements, Social Security statements, insurance illustrations, trust documents and cash flow auditing allow us to be confident in our forthcoming recommendations.

We Model

By leveraging advanced financial modeling tools and technology and wealth management consultants at our broker-dealer, Cetera Financial Specialists, we test scenarios and fine tune long-term plans to determine what solutions will best position the client for success.

We Present

We want you to be fully confident in your plan, and clients always receive our recommendations in writing. We do not proceed until the client demonstrates an understanding of the plan’s risks and goals.

We Implement and Monitor

We do not implement a solution and move on. One of our core values is “responsibility,” and we feel accountable for the ongoing success of your solutions and the value of our relationship with you.

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