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Wealth Management

At Purk & Associates, we have completely integrated wealth management into our CPA firm, resulting in a shared expertise, greater service and a unique client experience. Our “one firm” approach provides an extraordinary combination of skills that ensures all aspects of your current wealth management plan are working together in the most tax-optimized manner possible. While your current broker most likely only has knowledge of your investment portfolio, we have an in-depth knowledge of your entire financial situation.

Below are the 10 key wealth management issues that Purk Advisors will address in order to implement comprehensive tax-centric financial solutions to help our clients make timely, sound business decisions in order to achieve their goals.

Investments Planning

Our method is designed to strike an optimal balance between risk and reward through portfolio construction and the discipline to hold fast to one’s investment program through the inevitable peaks and valleys of the economic cycle.

Tax Planning

Taxes are inevitable, but you can work to avoid unnecessary taxation through tax-optimized wealth management solutions. After all, it’s not what you make — it’s what you keep.

Asset & Income Protection

By removing the fear of losing principal that often drives investors off course, loss-averse investors can select strategies that are designed to help safeguard their hard-earned capital from common pitfalls.

Retirement Planning

Individuals should approach retirement planning from three fronts: employer-sponsored plans, Social Security or other government programs, and individual-owned plans.

Business & Succession Planning

The majority of business owners have no written succession plans. If your wealth is tied up in your business, a lack of formal succession could be financially and emotionally devastating.

Estate & Gift Planning

Regardless of your overall net worth, there are several non-tax reasons to fully engage your advisor on the subject of estate planning. Beyond minimizing the tax bill, your advisor can help you craft an estate that addresses many vital issues, such as who gets what and how much.

Insurance Planning

Protecting your finances from the unexpected, like death or disability, is vital to the long-term financial security of your family and/or your business.

Education Planning

Effective education planning involves asset allocation, tax planning, estate and generation-skipping planning, asset protection planning, and financial aid considerations.

Special Situations

External forces such as divorce and elder care can strain even the strongest of financial plans. Planning for special situations requires proficient wealth management programs to utilize insurance, investment and tax-planning skills to create effective solutions.

Charitable Giving

Fulfilling your philanthropic passions can be one of the most emotional and impactful parts of a plan. With our in-depth knowledge of your total financial situation, we will work to maximize the financial opportunities you provide to chosen beneficiaries and the charitable organizations important to you.

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